The Academic Performance Indicators (API) will be used for fresh recruitment and career advancement of faculty at the Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor levels. It will include other posts which are governed by UGC norms as applied in the Council.

This study investigated the relationship between personality traits and academic achievement at the university level, while holding scholastic ability constant. Although no distinctive traits characterized the achiever, the non-achiever showed pronounced tendencies in the direction of impulsivity, overactivity, and excessive sociability. He also scored significantly lower than the achiever in social responsibility.

Academic Performance

Academic Performance is term related with achieving excellence in the field of learning or any discipline which one intends to acquire Knowledge. Academic performance is attaining the point of realization of knowledge. It is a journey of upward movement from information to knowledge.

The Academic Performance Indicators that have been a controversial topic of discussion since 2010 in the teaching community has undergone certain changes. The changes have been incorporated with regard to the responsibility on teachers along with changing norms under research sub categories.

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